Saved2ServeSaved2Serve was set up by the Home Mission team of the Association in 2004 as a training event primarily for Christian young people between the ages of 15-25. We have run training days and weekend conferences. Saved2Serve has been blessed by good ministry, excellent testimonies, envisioning power, committed prayer and effective results. We aim by the grace of God to be a stepping stone along the way of young people witnessing to their faith in their local churches, the UK and throughout the World. 

The theme for our weekend in 2013 is Distinctive Disciples. How can we live in the real world in a ways that is distinctly Christian and gospel centred. The teaching is set in the context of evangelism and aims to be biblical, Christ centred, practical and contemporary. It will also provide the opportunity to talk with mission agencies and pastors about ministry, mission and training opportunities and give individuals the chance to explore their own aspirations and desires to serve Christ with experienced men and women.

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Our aim:
“To Glorify God by propelling young people into the Lord’s service for the strengthening of the churches”